it’s good everyone it’s MgO 23 dan back  with another video and today’s video I  have the SP jina Air Jordan 1 it’s on  May 25 2019 Xu Palace and Jordan Brand  had collaborated together to recognize a  teacher in the community known as  Virginia right or aka SP Gena or aka SP  Jeana got game so if you guys don’t know  the story about SP Jeana basically she  Shops at shoe palace she’s from the Bay  Area she’s been teaching for a number of  years and a way for her to connect with  her students in 2015 she started  collecting Air Jordans and so it just  become this phenomenon where she was  known in the Bay Area as SP Jeana so  shoe palace recognized that they brought  it up to Jordan brand and the two came  together to create this wonderful collab  so if you guys haven’t watched my video  already with the Air Jordan 1 SP Jeana  release you can click the card up above  and check it out it’s an awesome story  it’s a wonderful way to celebrate an  educator in the community and great  storytelling from Shu palace and Jordan  Brand so just starting off with the box,cheap jordans for sale,  you can see it is a lunchbox  like you hear that it’s ten so an  old-school lunchbox because jeana’s a  teacher this is in a school setting all  that jazz  I was actually even fortunate enough to  have  sign the box and the shoes because I  really thought that she was fully  embracing this collaboration and I felt  the same way as well and it was just  only right to have her sign the box as  well as the shoes so like I said it  comes in this lunch box top shoe box and  just this alone is I feel like it’s  worth the money you don’t see this very  often when it comes to air joins the  last time it actually happened was  probably for great school pair of the  Air Jordan one black toe and it came in  a lunch box style packaging but this  right here came in men’s sizes sizes 4  through 15 the only way to get it was  through online on May 25 as well as at  shoe palace number one which is on  Bascom Avenue in San Jose so a buddy of  mine you guys might remember him civic  kid 96 we actually went in the morning  to go to this release but we actually  waited for the SB Air Jordan 1 LA to  Chicago released a drop on sneakers  before we actually headed out so we left  Tracy  where he’s from I’m originally from  Stockton headed over to him and Tracy  left Tracy went over to Bascom Avenue  probably a little bit after 8 o’clock .

I headed up to the front of the line saw  a couple people I knew they were  rumbling about maybe 260 some pairs of  shoes being released at Bascom and then  I later confirmed with you know  employees over there and definitely was  a limited release there but I think  there was enough parish for everyone  some bigger sizes sold out like 12 and  13 but I think for the majority of  people that really wanted the shoe they  were able to get it so anyways just a  close-up of the details here you can see  on the underside of the box just like  you would see on an Air Jordan one box  or any other box in general you’d have  this label right here ,cheap jordans for sale,so it signifies SP  Jean and shoe palaces collaboration here  then you get an inspirational quote at  the bottom of the box it says made to  inspire on the front side of the box  here you have shoe palace on the bottom  edge on the other side you have the SP  Geena Air Jordan one coming into the  details of the tag here this is the Air  Jordan one hi o GSP style number is cd70  7 1 and color code is zero zero one it  is black a varsity red black and white  the suggested retail price and the price  that they had them listed over there a  hundred and eighty bucks let’s go ahead  and open this up and here are the  details on the inside on the flip side  of this you see it says shoe palace and  Jumpman branding on the inside lid here  something that is pretty well known from  older collectors the retro card so they  brought this back just for Gina the SPG  no flight school and it has you know  some details there you can pause the  video if you guys want to read any of  that and then on the underside or the  other side.

it has her story  pretty much the SPG no one right there  and it goes up to the Air Jordan 16 now  not quite sure and I wasn’t able to get  the story about why they chose the Air  Jordan one I feel like many of the other  models other than maybe say the 1 the 3  the 4 everything else is pretty much  unprotected so I think it’d be really  cool if there was a 3 or 4 because we  know those shoes are heavily  collaborated I’m not sure why the Jordan  one was considered but again it is one  of the shoes that have been used in  collaborations with many other companies  so that is the retro car shoe palace and  Nike and Jordan Brand also included this  sticker  right inside the box and then the  branding for the paper you have this  cursive style of Jumpman along with the  shoe palace in cursive  Gina’s head read on the paper along with  the John man branding now they used a  Spike Lee’s character mars blackmon to  bring this story to life and since she’s  a teacher it really did all make sense  so you pull back the paper and you get  the shoes so some of the accessories  that were included when you guys got the  shoes over at Bascom they included these  number two pencils with shoe palace  branding on them along with some  stickers so this is SP jeana’s logo here  and then they also had a whistle because  of course she’s a teacher it’s got the  branding with her face right on there  and then on the cord or the lanyards  itself it says shoe palace and Jumpman  her logo and the Jumpman logo there’s  definitely other accessories included  there was a composition book some pocket  folders and I forgot to get my scantron  that was something that I wanted to be  included with the whole package here but  nonetheless these are the shoes again  you can see that I had Gina sign them  cool thing about the shoes is that it  comes with this Apple hang tag here of  course she’s a teacher on the under or  the flip side of it it has shoe pals  branding right there gold-plated really  cool and then the shoe overall it’s just  like I’m sure was what to describe it  it’s like this mesh shimmery shiny  material and I can give you guys some  close-ups as you can see it’s not 3m I  did get that question come through it’s  pretty much like you know if you see  like a disco ball and it’s got like the  little mirrors on it it’s got that  shimmery shiny like skirt like feel to  it  that’s what it is and that’s what that  material is feels like so it’s got like  a contrasting look it’s got the dark  side of that and then the shimmery side  of that all throughout the leather patch  here the Air Jordan wings logo pretty  much the same as you see on the Flyknit  Air Jordan ones  and then on the insole itself it has  Gina’s head right on the insole and  that’s on both shoes as well and then  the shoe overall is just really nicely  padded so I was surprised actually  because I didn’t expect like really good  padding on this but for this one for an  Air Jordan one it’s pretty decent so the  shoes come with a set of black laces  flat black wax laces along with red flat  wax leases and you can switch those out  however you feel Gina was rocking them  with some red the red laces so they  actually looked good on foot the  underside of the shoe of the outsole  it’s got that red hit of varsity red and  it’s got the blackout midsole and then  here’s a close-up of Gina signature so  again she did this on the shoes ,cheap jordans,as well  as on the box and I had to do it I am  looking for another pair so I tried  actually with all you guys they were  trying to get it online on may 25 2009  teen the release was supposed to be at  1:00 p.m.  West Coast time and you know shoe  palaces website unfortunately was given  a lot of problems to people so but the  good news is that all shoe palaces will  have a company-wide release on June 1st  2019 and it’s gonna be raffle style so  it’s not gonna be first come first serve  like Bascom Avenue was from what I was  told it’s gonna be a raffle so I mean  take it for what it’s worth but I think  the shoe is pretty good along with the  story and you know actually being in the  classroom taking the test and I have to  say though is it was like eight  questions right I got the first seven  correct it was stuff like what is  Michael Jordan’s draft pick number  number three of course how many numbers  did he wear in the NBA three of course  with 12 23 and 45 what school did he go  to North Carolina but the last one the  last one was tricky and I think they got  it wrong because when I looked it up and  I’ll link the undefeated the ESPN  undefeated article down below my boy  Aaron Dodson and I communicated with him  on D  he actually did the research did all  that I know like all of those questions  pretty much come from the Jordan Brand  side of things and something to verify  but I trust  ESPN’s undefeated and it was a question  about who was the first signed Jordan  Brand athlete and so for those of you  that know Jordan Brand started as a  division of Nike in 1997 its own company  and the choices were Derrick Anderson  Ray Allen Eddie Jones and Kevin Garnett  so I chose Eddie Jones only because he  did have a signature type shoe with the  Jordan Brand way before Derrick Anderson  way before Ray Allen and chemical our  Nets not even in the picture here and  then we knew that VIN Baker actually got  you know another silhouette for himself  as well and then everything else was  pretty much like PE style numbered up  regular signature Air Jordans so that’s  why I went with the educated guess of  Eddie Jones but the actual answer is Ray  Allen and again I’ll go ahead and link  all that down below so you guys can read  up on that but other than that you know  the shoe.

the whole storytelling piece  the classroom the pencil sharpener even  you guys remember going back in the day  when you’d have the pencil sharpener up  the manual one and you would walk up to  the front of the classroom with your fit  all nice your shoes your brand new shoes  up and you just take your time  sharpening your pencil up at the front  of the classroom so everyone can check  out your J’s that was the deal so it was  up there as well but I really hope this  opens up the opportunity for Jordan  Brand and other companies to do this  type of storytelling I think it being a  teacher SP Geena at that it was a great  story and one that I feel is pretty much  the story of the year anyways again the  shoes are 180 if you guys do decide that  you want to purchase these guys early I  have a link down in the description for  stock X and if you use that link  specifically it doesn’t even have to be  the SP Geena but if you use that link on  mobile or desktop I actually get a  kickback on the Porsche  any purchase that you make so it helps  me out it helps you get the shoes and  everyone’s happy but again it’s M Jo 23  Dan thank you guys for watching thank  you guys for your support you follow me  on Twitter Instagram or Facebook you can  also check out my website at I’m Joe 23  Dan comm and this is the air jordan SP  Jeana why

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