nikka there you can what you can’t walk  up or not so up just a good job or  vision they take any kind of reward I  mean any type of lure I’ll chop it in  half and that you guys see the gift you  guys know what you guys are buying and  you guys know how to remain so if that   being said let’s see what the guys  are talking block of day shall we yeah  let’s go up and let’s get it down to  Mike on this one – man come on help me  out  alright guys in this episode of the  sneaker shop we’re going to get into a  pair of Air Jordan 1 lows I want to see  if there are there’s any quality changes  between the lows and the highs the the  ones that are limited to the low tops  see the see the see if you still get the  same air unit in there or if they switch  it up to a zoom air unit I don’t know  but I want to find out but I’m also  going to do grade school version this is  a 6y so we’re going to see if the flow  changes from demands to the grade  schoolers but you guys know how the ones  look so let’s check them out check  amount there you go go there’s the back  back to that inside the bottom your  classic one bottom and yeah this is a  pair from 2015 so this is pretty recent  not too old not too but definitely not  not new at all but here we go alright  let’s get down to business I don’t got  no time to around what is this  alright first we got stuff,cheap jordan 11, I cannot see  places so let’s do that  TRADD damn it don’t need to get a new   pair physics man singing  got back he corrected forgetting ROI  well anyways it’s just your flat look at  that man come on come on  but yeah it’s just your basic white flat  leaf and yeah      alright guys in this episode of stick  travel get into a pair of Jordan one  loans so let’s get into this and we’re  also doing the great school like I said  if you guys want to see the original  video I did with the normal air jordan  ones I’ll leave a link down the  description below but let’s get into  this  alright check this out I think the  quality stayed pretty much the same  though like it’s a ton  you get double padding right there a  skinnier padding down below with a  thicker padding up above but still  nicely padded check out the toe box toe  box has around three layers one just  felt all the way the hits the and  then you get your middle layer which is    piece of foam looks like a people home    and then you get your leather hit yeah  you get that leather boom  and then there’s cotton stuff right here  that’s pretty cool  toe box what it is alright check out  that backbone backbone is semi-decent  none too crazy but it is actually is  pretty sturdy but not too crazy still  bent ,cheap jordan shoes,so bendable insole check out the  insole  oh block you guys in alright get  your basic insel with the blue bottom  still feels the same as the other ones  though nothing too crazy but yeah your  basic flimsy pencil alright check out  that inside you guys won’t see that  inside mixto missile only there’s only a  missile right here from here to here  just like the pecos a mist orator other  than that it’s straight up the bottom at  the bottom is the rubber from the bottom  but the missiles from here to here that  missile oh the missile is actually  pretty pretty squishy actually and then  you get this pretty cool air unit back  here let’s say we can kind of expose it  a bit  now think we’re going to be able to but  you do get a pretty nice peel area in  the bread there is all air right there  from here to here with it oh actually  from here in the sex that’s just the  clothing of the air unit from there from  there to there you get your air  alright let’s oh man only if I can open  it shut off that missile cushioning it’s  pretty soft though this white stuff  actually is pretty soft too bad.

they  only give you like oh very small  percentage of percentage of that you  don’t even get none of that up in the  forefoot but oh well yeah I’m not going  to be able to take that out anyways  that’s the air unit here up the other  side  said backbone ankle padding right here  in little strip of ankle padding right.

there tongue toe box in Seoul  missile air unit air air heal unit and  out so yeah I check the grade school  what do you guys think you guys pause it  right now you guys think is going to be  our air unit in the grade school or not  comment down below right now pause the  video I give you two seconds  one two all right let’s check them out  now bang and you do get a little waist  smaller air unit but you do get an air  unit now this one that you can prize  folders one out your the price yeah you  can definitely pull this one out so this  assignment area you get in the grade  school version not nearly as big but  where do something just an air unit  that’s for sure  and this is a pair of from 2010 so these  are 10 years apart but I mean I mean  five years apart in therapy is 2000  tangent of 2006 to 2015 release there’s  a 2010 release so they are five years  apart with them but I don’t know that  that’ll change anything the tongue is  actually whoa  the tongue is actually thicker on the  2010 version ,jordan 11 china,but this is the grade  school so I don’t know I forgot what  year the model I did for the regular air  tear one was but I’ll leave the link  down below so you guys can check that  video out if you guys want to check out  that backbone on the grade school ankle  patty toe box    even this pencil feels a lot thicker as  a pencil is a lot thicker than your just  2010 insults just thicker than your 2015  and so Wow back and that’s the blue  stuff is from 2010 the gray stuff is  from 205 Manion confuse right uh blue  stuff is from 2015 the gray stuff is  from 2010 the gray stuff is actually a  little thicker so there you go inside  backbone Oh 30 turn your backbone    and on the grade-school you actually get  up you actually get that white bump all  the way across  it’s a it doesn’t end like like it does  right here like in those 2050 versions .

we just get nothing both rubber up here  rubber and intro this one actually does  give you some of that midsole padding so  that is pretty interesting that’s pretty  interesting and yeah your house go after  there check out the other side you guys  want Toto barks son backbone ankle  padding heel air unit  missile install also and pretty much  that’s pretty much it guys  Nike Air Jordan 1 Oh get you some oh  yeah  alright guys good luck not having some  of this be good chop support the channel  by becoming a patreon subscribe give me  that thumbs up and please please please  share my if you just reach out to  got my other videos I got tons of that   alright guys I’m out pace till next  time yes

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