Business Structure


The lion-share of our customer base belongs to African countries. We cater to the local market and GCC countries as well. We enjoy a very stable & loyal customer base, which we think is our most invaluable asset.


We try to maintain an excellent one to one relation with our customers. We strive to provide all kind of support to the customer, so that a loyal relationship is established. The management monitors and assesses the performance and credit worthiness of the customers in frequent intervals and both credit period and credit limit is re-fixed accordingly.


We ensure proer quality of the products and understands that customer satisfaction depends on quaity of the products and services offered by us. we closely monitor any problems related to the quality and take corrective actions.


Our major sourcing is Import from Far East countries. We have established long standing relations witht the most reliable suppliers, so that we are confident of regular supply of quality goods on time.


We have huge storage facility on our own in Dubai Investment Park and Jebel Ali Free Zone. This enables the storage of entire volume of all the neccessary goods for the entire market. This ensures right and quick delivery of the product, in reasonable time.
We have our own Logistic wing to meet the customer requirement in a quick way, most economically


We have a highly professional sales team to assist the customers most satisfactorily and our most competent support staff ensures proper support for the sales team.